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Now that the playoffs are over  I can start planning our Superbowl Party. This will be our first Superbowl Party ever! The hubby and I have always lived in an apartment and now that he has his basement with a projector and screen, we can certainly entertain for a live event.

When planning any party, you need to always be thinking of the 5 keys!

1. Invites

Who you want to invite and how you invite your guests should always be #1 on your list. You don’t necessarily have to send out ‘official’ invites, an email would certainly do too. Just remember the What, When, and Where! If you do send out official invites, here are some super cute ones I found on etsy!


Etsy shop: YourTimeToShine


Etsy shop: Sapphiredigitalworks


Etsy shop: PaperLarkStudio

2. Decor

Superbowl decor isn’t something you need to go crazy with but there are a few banners you could hang or footballs to set around. I like to go to Party City. When the playoffs start they usually stock their  shelves with a few items and you can certainly find things online. Here are a few links to get you started.


 Super Bowl Super Party Kit for 16 Guests


Etsy shop: PartySurprise

3. Food

Food is pretty much a priority at any Superbowl Party. Knowing what you want to serve and how much to serve is key! There are so many receipes online you can go a little nutty, so I would recommend planning ahead. You can visit my pinterest page for some yummy ideas!


Bacon Wrapped Lil’ Smokies


Mini Tostadas with 7 Layer Dip


Build your own Chili Bar

I plan on doing my food shopping 2-3 days before game day. I know that some items (meatballs, wings, chips, etc) are in high demand and can fly off the shelves! I want to make sure I get everything I need before the shevles are empty.

4. Seating

Depending on how many people you invite you may or may not have a problem with seating. Superbowls are long so you want to make sure that all your guests are comfortable. You don’t want someone sitting on a tiny bench in a corner of the room for 4 hours! We have a large sectional and a Lovesac that seats 2 as well as a table and chairs in our basement. We will also bring out our folding chairs (that have cushions) just to make sure everyone is comfortable and has enough elbow room.



My husband just purchased this Pillowsac and loves it. You can even take it out of its case and it makes a full size bed!


 5. Games

I’m a big fan of games and prizes at all my gatherings. There are a lot of good games online that you can have your guests do. Here are a couple that I like.


Super-Bowl-SmackdownSuper Bowl Smackdown


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